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3pk Lip Butter Tube Set
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Available in 2 different sets!
 Please choose either Fruit of Variety Set...can't choose?
Try them both!

Fruit contains Mango, Vanilla Berry and Raspberry Pomegranate

Variety includes Vanilla Almond, Raspberry Lemonade and Peppermint.


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Why It's So Good

You only have to try our Lip Butters once to know they are a better product than most of the Lip Balms you find in your local drug stores.

Here is why: We chose each ingredient carefully for its ability to saturate skin cells with moisture. Everything in our Lip Butters, like our Bee Bars, is molecularly small enough to penetrate the skin cells of your lips, rather than just sit on top and smother the skin cells as so many other balms do.

Shea Butter, besides being a terrific moisturizer, contains vitamins A and E which are antioxidants. Vitamin A also contains retinoid which boost collagen, keeping the skin firm and springy. It also contains cinnamic acid, which helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Jojoba Oil is very similar to human skin oil, so it is absorbed easily. It is full of sterols which reduce inflammation. It also contains antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E.

Kukui Nut Oil
is also full of antioxidant vitamins E, C and A. It absorbs easily into the skin without being greasy. Kukui nuts are found in the islands of Hawaii and produce this rich, nourishing oil that has been used by Islanders for centuries to keep their skin supple and glowing.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is a super skin food. It stimulates collegen production which keeps skin firm; it is loaded with antioxidants to fight inflammation, and it contains Vitamin C which decreases skin roughness.

We also add beeswax to seal in all that sumptuous moisture and extra vitamin E because it is so incredibly good for you!

I prefer to give a 100 star rating to be honest!  These products along with stellar customer service at Honey House Naturals is simply wonderful, amazing, and top quality all the way! Totally recommend to everyone and spread the love always. You all ROCK! ~Laura from Mills River, NC

I am a huge fan for the past 3 years- your lip balms and soaps are some of my total favorites. Actually, your lip balm compares to no one- period!! I have purchased several of the drawstring pouches (with soap/lip balms) and everyone has loved them! ~Laura from Pa

The lip butter is great. Love the vanilla berry and vanilla almond. ~L from New Mexico

You are so nice to include the free samples!!!! Thanks so much. You lip balm is the best I ever found. I was in Copper Harbor this summer and bought some and was so excited to find out I could get more without going all the way back there. Peace, Nancy Cord-baran from Pennsylvania

This is my favorite lip balm ever!!! The parent of a student in my class gave it to me as a gift. Just love!!!~ Amy in Snoqualmie

Thanks much, it is always like this wonderful little gift basket when I get shipments from Honey House. ~Judi

Best Lip Balm ever, nothing else I have tried has worked to well. ~Gina

I'm allergic to mint and many fragrances - so glad the lip butter comes in natural. Love the product - best I've found. ~lmoore

I had the pleasure of buying the Vanilla Berry from the Asheville Bee Charmer shop, and I am absolutely in love with this balm. ~treestar

I tried 3 of your lip butter and I was not disappointed. I am making the switch! ~Melissa Epps

The best balm I've ever tried. Love every one I've tried so far -- and that's most of them! -- but for winter-dry lips nothing beats the peppermint and chocolate mint. ~Halcyon

Love the lip butter tube, Chocolate Mint best, Peppermint 2nd best. ~flynut

Love the peppermint ~Anonymous

I love this lip stuff. ~Chipmunk

Sheila Whelan, CA

I received the chocolate mint Lip Butter for free when I placed an order as an added bonus! I just love this product! My lips are picky with what I put on them and this is one of my new favorite lip balms! ~Jamie

This is the best lip balm I've tried, and I've tried many! I'm so glad Bridget introduced it to me! ~Jennifer in Bellingham, WA

I absolutely adore this product! A better version of Burt's Bees, in my opinion. My lips always used to be raw and bleeding, due to the fact that I'd pick them all the time. Now every time I get the urge, I just use this instead. I swear, the first time used it, my lips felt better in hours. Again, adore this product, and will definitely be buying more! My favorite's the Chocolate mint and Vanilla Almond. So sweet and revitalizing. ~Aleksandr

Love these products. I keep them in my purse at all times. ~Margie

I really love your products! As someone who bought lip balms and lip butters obsessively, the moment my friend gave me a pack of your lip butters for Christmas, I stopped buying random brands and used only yours. The Vanilla Almond is my absolute favorite! I've since been converted to all your other products and just wanted to say that the bee bar cream is fantastic. Thank you for all the sales and specials and free gifts and tester pods, too! ~Michelle in Lawrenceville, GA

I cannot go to sleep at night without putting lip butter (tin) on my lips! ~Betty

Love the products ~Sandra Whitford

Love the lip butter I used the whole tube Pomegranate is a great choice ~Maddie

Love the Lip Butter ~K

I love the Apple Pear. This is the only thing that works on my extremely dry cracked lips! ~Lia Lantz

We can't get enough of the Lip Butter Tube! It's a holiday must in every stocking. Thank you! ~Albany,NY

I love your Lip Butters! I bought them for all my family last year, and now they're hooked too! Keep up the awesome work :) ~Faye P

Wow! This lip butter rocks! I had super dry lips but not anymore. This stuff is amazing! I have used countless lip products and nothing comes close to this lip butter. My lips are soooo soft and look very healthy. I recommend this lip butter to everyone. Incredible product!!! Chocolate mint is my favorite:) ~katherine

I had terrible chapped lips, and a friend gave me this lip balm and nothing else has ever worked this well! ~Jess P

Five months ago, I bought the VanillaBerry Lip Butter from the West Baden Springs Spa because I forgot my lipstick at home. I haven't used anything but this product ever since - LOVE it!! ~Kristina Davis, C.R.

I was on Mackinaw Island in Northern Michigan and saw your Lip Butter so I bought a tube. Boy is it wonderful. I am going to purchase some more and a few other things to help my dry skin. I would recommend these products to everyone. Kudos on wonderful products. ~Tina

I was in Arkansas with chapped lips from the sun. Nothing had helped for over a week, my sister gave me a tube of vanilla almond lip butter. By that night, my lips started to heal. Best I have ever used. Great Products, have ordered other products!! ~Arlene Riggs

This lip butter is the most important item I use each day. I like all the flavors, Vanilla Almond is my favorite. ~Sherry McKee

I bought a Lip Butter up north in Orr, MN some time ago and now I will only buy this product. It is WONDERFUL! My husband even loves this product becuase it's not waxy like all the others. It goes on smooth and keeps your lips more moist longer than any other lip product that I have tried. ~Becky

I bought a huge set at a whole sale market and I am in love! I will never use any other lip balm. My lips are unbelievably soft; just ask my husband. ~Liz

I bought mine in Alaska and it is wonderful. Only problem I live in Australia so I will have to send to the US, but it is worth it. Beats any lip butter here. ~Lyn Lawrence

I love the lip butter tubes. They are great to put in my backpack for school. Instant moisture that lasts for hours! ~Liz Holmes

Best lip treatment I have ever used. Love the Mango flavour. ~Meems Russell

We live in the northeast but, I found your Lip Butter last summer in Alaska. Go figure.. I choose VANILLABERRY tried it immediately & instantly loved it. It is absolutely the best lip product I have ever used. I figured with winter & the holidays around the corner time to let my family & friends in on it! ~Cherie Breau

This lip butter is the most healing and delightful lip treatment I have ever used. It keeps my dry lips moist and plump. ~Sharon Useman

I recently got one in Raspberry Lemonade. I love it! It smells exactly like it says and it's very smooth. ~My Name

About a year and half ago we were visiting in a little town in Illinois and went to an Amish restaurant called “Yoders” in Arthur, IL. My friend and I saw the lip butters and decided to try them – we chose Apple Pear and I really didn’t use it that much at first, but, at night I began using it liberally before I’d go to bed – even putting some slightly above and below my lips. I’ve always had really full lips and now that I’m 54 (ugh!:), I’ve wanted to continue to protect them from lines & aging. I honestly believe this has stopped aging lines from forming around my lips! GREAT product!  ~Pam Taylor

Oh! So smoooth! I received this as a sample at a trade show and am now planning to add the whole line to my shop! ~Belinda Wright

We went on a vacation to Arkansas this past July, it was awesome! We stopped at this little Inn, restaurant, & gift shop that overlooked the Ozarks, it literally sat on the side of this huge cliff, it was beautiful. We looked in the gift shop where I bought this Mandarin Lip Butter, I needed chapstick because I kept licking my lips trying not to get sick from all the twists & turns. It worked instantly! I loved it! I just knew I would never run across this stuff ever again, but the tube had the web address on it! Praise the Lord! It is so good I would honestly recommend it in emergency situations! Seriously! It fills in the cracks, & smooths. ~Rachel Hearlson

Still a good product but I don't care for the smell. Love chocolate but this one doesn't do the trick. I still love the peppermint the best. ~Leslie Stewart

I am very much addicted to lip balm, and have only one favorite, until I tried this lip balm! Now this IS my favorite. I loved how it felt smooth going on my lips and the peppermint had just enough of that nice "tingle" to make my lips feel energized. (It even actually freshens your breath in a way, because of the nice pepperminty scent!) I will continue buying this product and I have told all of my friends online and off about this wonderful lip balm, thanks!!! ~Kimberly Delatorre

This is the VERY BEST lip balm I've ever used. I love that it's all natural and really keeps lips soft and feeling good. Even my hubby loves it. ~Leslie Stewart

This is by far the BEST lip product for chapped, dry lips. I use it year round and I will never again use anything else. It leaves my lips smooth (not greasy or waxy like other brands) and it smells delicious!!! ~Tracy Swales

I grabbed the Vanilla Almond Lip Butter tube from a campsite when I realized I'd left mine at home. It is the absolute BEST and I will NEVER buy another kind of chap stick again! One tube lasted me 7 months because it worked so well that I didn't have to apply it often at all - and I had to share with 3 kids! ~Karissa Oliver

I had surgery done on my back and from being in the hospital and also at home, my lips were so dry and cracked that it was painful. Well I saw this lip balm and within one day my lips were better!!! This is by far the best lip balm! I can't wait to try all the other great products. ~Stacey Baker