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Hummingbird Bee Bars (Large 2 oz.)
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Our beautiful Hummingbird Bee Bar is truly impressive! The intricate design is remarkable with delicate floral detail, and just look at the border!  Amazing. It is sold in all of our marvelous Honey House fragrances and comes in a lovely embossed tin with a Hummingbird label. This is an extraordinary gift for anyone!  Impress someone today with this unique gift!  Available in Vanilla, Sweet Honey, Lavender, Citrus, Spring Meadow, Hawaiian and Natural.

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Why It's So Good

The Bee Bar products are solid. And yet they are a lotion.  How can that be??

Part of what makes the Bee Bar Foot Bar so good for your skin is that it is waterless. Think about what this means. All the oils and emollients contained in the Foot Bar are not watered down, but are 100% effective. Your skin is absorbing only good natural moisturizers, and nothing else.

Because it is waterless, the Foot Bar will not evaporate or dry out.
Because it is waterless, you can fly without putting it in a Ziploc bag.
Because it is waterless, you won’t accidentally use too much!

You will recognize all of the wonderful ingredients that it contains. Are you ready?
Here it is: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Beeswax.
Each ingredient is chosen because it is Molecularly small enough to penetrate skin cells – not just sit on top of the skin – and the beeswax is important because it seals all those rich oils into your skin so they aren’t rubbed off or washed away. Are you ready to get serious about soothing and moisturizing dry cracked feet? Now is the time!

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R e v i e w s

I have severe cracked feet and hands and this is by far my favorite moisturizer. its the only thing that truly helps. I can use it, wash my hands and it stays on, unlike lotions. i always carry it with me everywhere I go! ~ Sarah, in New York

I suffer from really dry skin. I have tried everything for my feet & this is the only product that has healed the cracks in my feet in one week. I put the Honey Bee Bar on every night & morning with socks & in one week - my cracks were gone. Nothing has worked this good. I have kept up the smooth feet by applying at night. Love, love, love this product & absolutely recommend to anyone suffering with dry skin. Thank you, Honey Naturals for your amazing products!!! ~Veronica

I tried your product at an awesome little shop in Shelburne Falls, MA, called A Heart for Art. What a lovely citrus scent and wonderful feeling to your lotions. What a great surprise to find on your website!  Linda J. in Edison, NJ

I'm in the Coast Guard stationed on a 110' patrol boat in Alaska. With the salt water, sub zero temps,freezing spray and ridiculous winds. I cant think of a harsher environment. My skin is so dry my wife gave me a tin of Bee Bar Lotion to take and use and it has worked great. My hands don't dry out and crack like they did. I really like this stuff and my wife says it makes me smell good. 5+ stars. ~Jason

I bought the honey Bee Bar while I was in San Francisco and I LOVE IT; it is the best I have ever used. I will be ordering online from you. The Bee Bar works great on all rough areas of the body, and I love love love it. Thank you for creating such a great product. ~