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Travel Baby Belly Bar .6oz
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Now, due to customer demand, we have made a travel size Belly Bar!  So hand to carry in your pocket or purse, travel with it on a plane, or keep it handy wherever you are.  Enjoy! Indulge your skin!  

Such a perfect lotion to calm and soothe anyone's dry, itchy skin.  As the Belly Bar is picked up and warmed by the hands, the essential oils and butters are released to be gently massaged into the skin. Overflowing with antioxidants and five vitamin-rich butters - creamy Shea, rich Avocado, soothing Aloe, and buttery Cocoa and Mango - the Belly Bar is an extraordinary lotion. Combined with Meadowfoam, Calendula, Essential Oils, Beeswax and Lanolin, this indulgent lotion bar will leave skin soft and supple, sealing in the moisture to protect even the most vulnerable skin.

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This wonderful, healing water less lotion is GREAT for my gardening and cooking hands which under normal circumstances are constantly being washed.Heals cut and painful hands almost immediately. Family favorite and must have for over 5 years! ~ Rose from Oroville, CA


This is the best stuff ever. I have given a lot of bee bars as gifts! Lana from Battle Ground, WA

I love your products! Your lotion is THE ONLY lotion I am NOT allergic to. I have learned, that although they smell good, I cannot have scented products, unless it is honey ... go figure. Thank you for having such wonderful lotion! ~ Virginia from Kaysville, UT

Thank you for your excellent products! I have tried so many other products for my dry and cracked hands and feet and nothing brings relief like good ol' Bee Bar!!! ~Andrea from Thousand Oaks, CA

Thank you for your excellent products! I have tried so many other products for my dry and cracked hands and feet and nothing brings relief like good ol' Bee Bar!!! ~Andrea from Thousand Oaks, CA

I've been using Bee Bars for several years now and absolutely LOVE them! I reorder regularly to ensure I never run out. Nothing prevents dry, cracked skin in the winter better! ~Lisa from Missoula, MT

Honey House Your product is AMAZING!!! Thank you!!! ~Holly in Lawrenceville, GA

Love your baby belly bar, perfect for dry rough peeling hands!I have never tried the lip gloss but I am sure they will be great. I give them to family and friends as gifts and everyone loves them. Thank you for a great healing product. ~Rosalie Paradise, CA
Chapped hands, - Honey Bee lotion is the only thing that really works for me! I've been using it for a long time. ~Bobbie

Awesome for sensitive skin! My 2 yr old grandson suffers from eczema, especially on his hands. When he starts to feel itchy, even in the middle of the night, he asks for his "bee bar" and always has relief! LOVE the worry-free natural ingredients!
~Nancy in Abbott TX

I just love this stuff I used bath & body til I discovered these products AWSOME AWSOME stuff

I purchased a jar of the Bee Butter and have to say, it is the best cream I have ever used. It helps my severe dry skin and has a pleasant smell. ~Colleen

Found your product at a store in Hudson, Ohio....just love, love love the baby belly bar!
~Laura in SC

Awesome product & company! I found this when I thought I was pregnant, but didn't end up using it. Almost 2 yrs later I got pregnant & still had the bar. I called to ask if it was still good to use, they sent me a new one & both were great! I used on my stomach & didn't get any stretch marks! I wish I thought to use it on my boobs because i did get marks there :(. I've used it on my feet & cuticles to keep from being dry since my lil guy was born. He's 2 now & i just finished the second bar! It does wonders that i haven't found in other products & I love that it's all natural! important esp while nursing! Fan for life ;)
~N Moreno


I just bought the belly bar about 2 weeks ago while shopping at an art fair. I have suffered from severely itchy dry skin since November and tried a number of specialty and all-natural lotions and nothing seemed to help nor do the job! Until I stumbled upon this product! I love the mild scent and the fact that it is non-greasy. The itchy red bumps I've had on my legs for months are now almost completely gone in just 2 weeks! Amazing! Now I am buying some for my grandma who also has dry skin! :)
~Jamie - Wisconsin

I found Baby Belly Bar in the gift shop at the hospital where I go to dialysis three days a week. I have never found anything that relieves my dry, itchy skin so well. As a bonus, it smells nice without any artificial fragrances.
~Nance Lehman

I have been using the Belly Bar since you put it on the market. I LOVE it and nope, I'm not pregnant BUT I use it on my hands and feet and a separate one for my face; under eyes around mouth and you know what? It has reduced wrinkles around my mouth and obliterated the crows feet altogether! Yahooo! Thanks for your products, you have a lifetime fan!
~S Gallentine, Federal Way, WA

Truly a wonderful product. Used it as a waitress a couple years ago with excessive hand washing and it kept my hands soft and moisturized. Now 6 months pregnant I've been using it on my ever expanding belly with great success, not a single stretch mark!

I have been using Bee Bar on my feet for several months. It works fantastically, even in hot, dry Arizona .

Its Helen w/Sassys Boutique Gift Shop-we have been in business for abt 7yrs now and from my first day online, I have offered most of the skincare items by Honey House Naturals. I personally love the Belly Bars and also the Bee Bars solid and loton. My skin has been lousy since I was a teen and nothing ever seemed to help. That was til I discovered the Bee Bars and Belly Bars-WOW what a huge difference in my skin. My mom who had never seen my hands and feet soft and moist could not believe I finally had something that really worked on my skin. I am diabetic-since I was 17 and this skin care line was my saving grace! Belly Bars are so soothing. 
~Helen Tillotson

I am a lotion junkie and after 40 plus years this is by far my favorite body product. I am addicted to all the bars and the soap. wonderful items!!!!
~Jennifer Goggins

I have never had a lotion actually do what it is supposed to do, which is heal my itchy, dry skin. It's amazing. I had this rash on my elbow that was driving me nuts so I decided to use the Belly Bar because they say it is supposed to soothe itching. At first it didn't do much, but a few minutes later I realized, Hey! the itching is gone! Nice, light fragrance too. I LOVE this lotion!
~Sheryl Mackey

The Baby Belly Bar is the most amazing product I've ever used for my dry hands and feet. My skin instantly feels so smooth that it seems almost polished. The product does not sit on the skin but is absorbed immediately with no residue. Thank you! I cannot imagine using any other product ever again.
~Rebecca Hubbard Oulton

Bought the Baby Belly Bar while on vacation and was in love with the product by the time I got home. Came to this website to order more! Trying it all and spreading the news! The quality and packaging is excellent so these products make perfect gifts.
~Toni Ricks

The Belly Bar, and Baby Belly bar are amazing! My husband has diabetes so he needs to be very careful taking care of his feet. He rubs the Belly Bar on his feet every morning when he is getting dressed, and it is really helping him keep his feet in great shape. He also works in a warehouse with lots of lifting and handling cardboard boxes, and the Bee Bar keeps his hands from cracking and being so rough. The Honey House Naturals products are truly wonderful!!!
~Beverly in CA

I have psoriasis on my feet, which had created a rough dry layer of skin. This Belly Bar, and also the Bee Bar has just been fantastic to soften and help. THANK YOU!
Henrietta Schoen