Bee Butter Cream

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Bee Butter Cream Tube 4oz
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Offered in six luscious fragrances in our famous oh, so rich formula. Bee kind to your skin all over with this lotion of indulgent creamy Bee Butter. A little goes a long way! Precious Honey, Beeswax and Royal Jelly, the "nectar of youth" for the Queen Bee, naturally retains moisture in thirsty skin cells. As you massage it into your own royal skin, you will sense the restorative, soothing influence.

  • Vanilla
  • Citrus
  • Hawaiian
  • Honey
  • Lavender
  • Natural

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“I Absolutely love your product! This is the only cream I have found to heal my cracked, raw hands. They would get so bad they bled. Your Bee Butter has healed them! Thank you so much.” ~ Addie of DeLeon, Texas

I love your products! Your lotion is THE ONLY lotion I am NOT allergic to. I have learned, that although they smell good, I cannot have scented products, unless it is honey ... go figure. Thank you for having such wonderful lotion! ~ Virginia from Kaysville, UT

This Lotion is amazing!  It goes on smoothly and works quickly into my skin. It smells wonderful. I am a true Fan! ~Karla, Oregon

Thank you and continue the good work with these awesome products! ~Lawanda Lewis, Union Township NJ

Bought this product at a bee farm outside of Houston. Absolutely love it!! ~
Kathlene Jennings, Hazelwood MO

I am delighted to find you have new products! Cannot wait to try them. I've been using your Bee Balm for probably 15 years by now? On my hands which crack open in the cold. This balm is a miracle cure, and I love the scent. ~

Thank you so much for these products! The scents don't set off my migraines even at my most smell-sensitive. Better than any store-bought I've ever found. ~
Sara, Sun Valley

I have used every natural skincare I could find for years to alleviate my dry skin - then I tried your vanilla Bee Butter body cream - it so over delivers!! After 2 applications my skin is soft, supple with none of the previous dryness obvious....stunning! Congrats ~
Debbie, Calgary

I was given your Bee Bar Cream and lip balm for a Christmas gift and now I'm out - I can't live without them! Thanks for making such a WONDERFUL product. I look forward to trying the new things I've ordered, too! ~
Lori in Westminster, CO

Love your new website and LOVE LOVE LOVE your products!!!
Michelle in Graymont, IL

I love your lotion so much. I work in a hospital and have very dry hands that crack and bleed in the winter your lotion heals and protects them better then any lotion I have tried in my 10 years of working in the medical field.  

A few years ago, I went to visit a friend(a German friend and her daughter) and they asked me since I had come from WA state if I had heard of Honey House Natural products. I admitted that I had not. I then ordered an assortment of goodies for them for the following Christmas and I also ordered your hand cream for me. WOW, I am hooked. Who would have thought that Germans knew about your product and not me! I thought I would share this story. Germans LOVE using natural products and over the years living here I also am more partial to this. I wish you continued success and the best wishes and thanks for keeping my hands nice and smooth. ~ 

I love the Bee Butter! I use the natural Bee Butter as a night cream and when I wake up my face feels fantastic! Thank you for such a GREAT product!
 ~Esther in California

I love these products! They are amazing! Citrus is my favorite scent...just love it! ~Sheri, Nevada

I purchased a jar of the Bee Butter and have to say, it is the best cream I have ever used. It helps my severe dry skin and has a pleasant smell. ~