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3-Piece Soap Gift Set
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Product Details

Three wonderful products combined into one great gift that will soothe, moisturize, protect and rejuvenate. A beautifully wrapped 3.5 oz soap bar that is loaded with shea butter, and has an ultra creamy lather. A large 2.0 oz Bee Bar melts on warm skin to fully moisturize and protect dry, damaged hands and feet. Add a Lip Butter tube which is always a customer favorite, and the result is drenched and moisturized dry, cracked lips. All gathered into a sparkly organza bag, it makes a splendid gift. Soap Gift Set includes:

  • Large Bee Bar
  • Lip Butter Tube
  • 3.5 oz Soap bar
  • Beautifully presented in an organza drawstring bag.
Unless specified in the comments section at checkout, the following combinations will be sent:
  • Citrus Bee Bar, Citrus Soap & Tangerine Lip Butter
  • Hawaiian Bee Bar, Honey Soap & Mango Lip Butter
  • Lavender Bee Bar, Lavender Soap, & Rasp Lemonade Lip Butter
  • Natural Bee Bar, Honey Soap, & Natural Lip Butter
  • Sweet Honey Bee Bar, Honey Soap, & Rasp Pom Lip Butter
  • Vanilla Bee Bar, Honey Soap, & Vanilla Almond Lip Butter
  • Peppermint Bee Bar, Honey Soap, & Peppermint Lip Butter

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Why It's So Good

You've heard the expression, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," right? We train our children to wash up before meals, after using the toilet, and while taking a bath, "…And don't forget to use SOAP!" Soap is an important part of our daily lives, but sometimes we don’t think too much about it. Perhaps we should.

Soap can be harsh and drying and cause all kinds of skin problems if we are not careful.

Here is why our Honey Blossom Soap is So Good For You!

First we use a vegetable base for our soap, rather than animal fat because it can be less pore-clogging, and frankly, it smells better! Then we add Shea Butter to the base because it is fantastic for moisturizing and softening skin. We add honey (because we love it, of course), but also because it is a natural humectant - meaning it traps moisture into your skin. We also add Royal Jelly and Propolis and Vitamin E because they are full of skin loving nutrients.

Now, we know that the first thing people do with a new bar of soap is hold it up to their nose, right? Try it! Give a bar of soap to someone and see what they do! Fragrance is important, so we chose our soap fragrances very carefully. Crisp Citrus, soothing Lavender or sweet Honey Blossom are all such super fragrances, it is hard to choose a favorite!

Then we mix it all together and mill it three times. When you hear that soap is “triple milled” or “French milled,” it means that all the excess moisture and air is pressed out of it so the end result is a solid, heavy bar of soap that lasts for a long, long time. We use a hand-press to cut and stamp our beautiful design on them, let them dry out, and then each one is hand-wrapped by our wonderful worker bees.

The resulting soap is a work of art that also makes your skin soft and clean. Who knew that something so daily could be so beautiful?

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I am a huge fan for the past 3 years- your lip balms and soaps are some of my total favorites. Actually, your lip balm compares to no one- period!! I have purchased several of the drawstring pouches (with soap/lip balms) and everyone has loved them! My background is retail, and finding unique/quality gifts are harder and harder to find. You all stand behind an amazing product and are consistently friendly and I so appreciate all that you do to make shopping fun and enjoyable! 
~Laura from Pa

I received this soap in a gift basket for Mother's Day and couldn't be more pleased. I have extremely dry skin and have tried just about every product on the market. From soaps, lotions, to body wash. Some were ok some weren't. But this Honey Blossom soap is the best product I've ever used. After the first use I noticed a tremendous difference in my dry skin, the dryness was gone. And it smells like a grassy meadow in the spring. I'll never use anything else. Thank you, thank you, thank you....... 
~Wendy Murray

I Found your soap at The Cat Shoppe in Nashville and now I'm hooked. ~ Larry Keyes, Cross Plains TN

Thank you so much for these products! The scents don't set off my migraines even at my most smell-sensitive. Better than any store-bought I've ever found. ~ Sara, Sun Valley

I love your products especially your soap I love the smell of it, it smells just like honey fresh from a bee hive!!! ~

Thanks much, it is always like this wonderful little gift basket when I get shipments from Honey House. ~

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! I'm 55 and a truck driver. My hands and skin get so dry being exposed to all the different kinds of weather. I LOVE your products. Thank you. ~
Ronna in California

I like the way my hands are so smooth from using the soap, they are not dry.

I found your website last year.I bought your soaps for christmas gifts.I really love it but I use it for myself and don't stock the other bathrooms with your bar soap because I can't afford to.I wish there were someway to stock up on your 3.5 soap bars to allow others in my house to use them .But for now I am glad to have them for me....I hope to give them as Christmas gifts again this year to my nieces.

Never thought I would go back to bar soap, but I love this product. Also, the lotion has completely taken care of my dry itchy skin. Thanks for the great products.

I received this soap as a Christmas present and I absolutely LOVE it! The honey bar smells wonderful! I can't wait to try your other products! ~

I have been battling sensitive, acne prone skin for most of my life. Now, at age 30, I have finally found products that work for me! I have been using your soap in combination with the Belly Bar for approx. 3 weeks, and I can't believe the difference in my skin! It is soft and smooth (even in the current winter weather), and I can even use the products on my children (ages 3 and 1) to keep their little faces and lips moisturized. I can't express enough how thankful I am that I found these products. I can't wait to try your other items!
~Audrey McDonald

Not only is this a wonderful bath soap, you wouldn't believe how good it is for the teak bench! ~

Best hand soap I have ever used.
~Laurie Jones

This will be the first thing I buy for my new home. I use the little samples I get with my orders, until they are gone.
~Sherry McKee

I have been using this soap for two years now. I LOVE it, the smell, the feel. I have no idea how my skin survived prior to finding this product. ~

I received the soap as a gift and it is simply the best! I was cursed with bad skin (especially in winter) and your product has turned my skin baby soft! Its amazing! ~
Adamous Leu

One of my best friends gave me a gift set of this soap and the lotion bar two years ago & I fell in love with both products. They are by far the most extraordinary moisturizers to touch my skin.

I received a bar for Christmas and I LOVE it!!!!! The smell is so amazing!! And I love the way my skin feels!!I have tried so many products, natural ones too and they don't moisturize the way this soap does. I look forward to purchasing the lotion as well! Thank you for such a terrific product!! ~
Kathi Murray

Love, love, love this soap. It's great for the skin and for the soul! It's a wonderful companion to my morning routine. I'm so thankful it can be ordered here; though it was worth the 30 mile drive to get it :) ~
Sabrina T.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm a new customer and ordered some Honey Blossom Soap, Bee Bar lotion and the new Royal Jelly Bee Bar Cream and I love all of it. It started when I happened upon your Lip Butter in a little honey shop in Smithville, NJ. I love everything so far and will be ordering more. The soap is so creamy and wonderfully scented and the lotion and cream make my extremely dry skin feel wonderful. I also use the Bee Bar on my Oily face and I don't know how but my face does not get oily, it feels wonderful and soft.
~Dawn Selig

I happened to stumble across your Honey Blossom Soap--it is the best--I'm hooked. ~
Susan S.

Great product ~
Carmen E. Cordero

I'm a long-time user of Dove soap. I have mild eczema and constant acne that no system seems to treat since they aren't blackheads. I'm allergic to many soaps and chemicals, so every acne treatment I ever tried made things worse. THIS has done the trick! And it seems to be the only thing that is gentle enough to clear up both the acne and eczema! It's a huge bonus that it's all-natural, since I'm a big believer in natural remedies.
~Kendra Matthews

I am not your typical "pamper yourself" woman, but I saw this and thought, "Why not"? I have to say I am absolutely amazed! I had a dry, scaly elbow. Nothing seemed to work to soften it for long. This soap does soften my skin and not only that, but it happened the FIRST time I used it! I simply showered normally and afterwards I was telling my mom how nice it was, and that is when I discovered just how nice this soap truly works. My facial skin seems younger with less wrinkles too. LOVE IT!
~Linda Chrismer

I am working on my first bar of Honey blossom soap. It is just wonderful! My skin is very dry, and winter is the worst. This soap smells so good, and leaves a protective 'cream' on my skin that lasts. You had me at the first shower! Thank you so much!
~Lana Winn

I received this soap in a gift basket for Mother's Day and couldn't be more pleased. I have extremely dry skin and have tried just about every product on the market. From soaps, lotions, to body wash. Some were ok some weren't. But this Honey Blossom soap is the best product I've ever used. After the first use I noticed a tremendous difference in my dry skin, the dryness was gone. And it smells like a grassy meadow in the spring. I'll never use anything else. Thank you, thank you, thank you.......
~Wendy Murray