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Hummingbird Bee Bars 2oz
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Our beautiful Hummingbird Bee Bars are truly impressive! The intricate design is remarkable with delicate floral detail, and just look at the border!  Amazing. It is sold in all of our marvelous Honey House fragrances and comes in a lovely embossed tin with a Hummingbird label. This is an extraordinary gift for anyone!  Impress someone today with this unique gift!  Available in Vanilla, Lavender, Citrus, Hawaiian, Natural, Honey and now featured in Peppermint.

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Why It's So Good

The Bee Bar is solid. And yet it is a lotion. How can that be??

Part of what makes the Bee Bar so good for your skin is that it is waterless. Think about what this means. All the oils and emollients contained in the Bee Bar are not watered down, but are 100% effective. Your skin is absorbing only good natural moisturizers, and nothing else.

Because it is waterless, the Bee Bar will not evaporate or dry out.
Because it is waterless, you can fly without putting the Bee Bar in a Ziploc bag.
Because it is waterless, you won’t accidentally squirt out too much!

Just warm the Bee Bar between your hands, and rub it on your hands, cuticles, elbows and heels. This is a heavy-duty natural lotion that comes in a beautiful, gift-able tin.

You will recognize everything that it contains. Are you ready?
Here it is: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Beeswax.
Each ingredient is chosen because it is molecularly small enough to penetrate skin cells – not just sit on top of the skin – and the beeswax is important because it seals all those rich oils into your skin so they aren’t rubbed off or washed away. Are you ready to get serious about dry skin? Now is the time!

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Love the Bee Bar been using it for years. It smells heavenly as well as keeps the skin soft and happy. I also love to use it on my legs year round to prevent dryness from shaving or static in the winter. Also helps tame flyaway hair! ~Kelly - from Bloomfield, CT


I bought these as gifts for my veterinarians to help with dry hands to make it easy to bring to work. I love mine also! ~Joan - from Westfield, MA


A giant thank you for your products! My Hands struggle through our Michigan Winters with how dry it gets here and I've finally opted to ensure I've always got a bar with me! Shout out to you and a GIANT thank you for saving my hands! ~ Alicia - from Whitehall, MI


I am just letting you know that I won a Peppermint set of a lip balm and a lotion bar from TryProducts. I would never have known about your products if it wasn't for this. I love what I got and will be trying more!   ~Rita from Marshfield, WI


I love your Bee Bar! I purchased one years ago at a garage sale and only use it when at my computer because it is so wonderful. ~Cheryl from Yukon, OK


This wonderful, healing water less lotion is GREAT for my gardening and cooking hands which under normal circumstances are constantly being washed.Heals cut and painful hands almost immediately. Family favorite and must have for over 5 years! ~ Rose in Oroville, CA


This is the best stuff ever. I have given a lot of bee bars as gifts! Lana from Battle Ground, WA

I received a bee bar lotion for Christmas. I am in LOVE with it! I can’t believe how lovely it made my skin feel! Wow!~ Gerri via facebook

Love your products! I bought a chapstick (Lip Butter) at Harris ranch restaurant and ran out. I looked them up restocked my supply of Lip Butter and received a sample of the Bee Bar lotion. Absolutely loved it. I got the vanilla and Hawaiian bee bar lotion. Smells so good. I struggle with dry hands and my hands are super soft after using this. Only need to apply bee bar twice a day vs other brands multiple times.~ Jacque via facebook

Thank you for your excellent products! I have tried so many other products for my dry and cracked hands and feet and nothing brings relief like good ol Bee Bar!!! ~Andrea from Thousand Oaks, CA

I've been using Bee Bars for several years now and absolutely LOVE them! I reorder regularly to ensure I never run out. Nothing prevents dry, cracked skin in the winter better! ~Lisa from Missoula, MT

I’m a gardener and do a lot of work outside, I have tried other hand lotions but I have never found anything that keeps my hands feeling like your products. So glad you are still here. I used to purchase your products locally but you have a much broader selection online. ~Judy from Minneapolis ~

I suffer from very dry skin and my skin cracks- even in FL but especially when we travel north to visit family. Your products bring me AMAZING relief. I am so glad I found you! Thank you! ~Karen from Florida ~

Love your small bee bar lotions, which are perfect for traveling as well as keeping in my purse. The tin case is too nice to toss! ~Amy ~

I Love My Bee Bars. Began using when this company was shipping out of a house!!! About 15-16 years ago. Love y'all!!!!~Kim from Pelham, AL ~

Ordered a few bars, lavender and sweet honey. ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! The only lotion I've ever used that sinks in right away and sweat out later. Smells heavenly as well, great for full body use but especially saves my hands in the WI winters~Sherry from Menomonie, WI ~

I use your bee bar and it is the ONLY Product that leaves my hands soft. I sleep in gloves because I work outside and have tried every product under the sun. Yours is the best. ~Louise from Perkasie, PA ~

Love this product can't find it locally. Got it from a knit shop and loved it ever since. I love the smell of it as well. Would like to see a body spray if possible. ~Angela from Jacksonville FL

THANK YOU!! For 30 years I have had "fish scales" on my legs and have been fighting a loosing battle to keep them under control. Received a BEE BAR as a gift - not a scale in sight. THANK YOU!!~ Marie

I just wanted to say thank you for your product, I work in a medical pharmacy, and with constant cleaning and washing my hands, they were cracked, peeling and bleeding to the point of scars, and I have tried everything including $$$ Rx, this is the only product in 15 years to heal my hands!   Heidi in Billings MT

I've been looking every where for a new Bee Bar after finding it once at a gift shop but never again! I'm so glad I found you again! Please can my free (thank you! thank you! thank you!) bee bar be lavender? Stephanie from Morrilton

Love your bee bars! ~ Lauren Clark

I received my items today and am delighted with the lip butter, hand/body lotion, and hair products. They smell divine and I can’t wait to wash my hair tomorrow. 😃 You’ll definitely be receiving another order from me very soon. Thank you very much for excellent products! My sister Mary was very enthusiastic about your products and now you have another avid fan! Again, thank you and for the prompt delivery also. ~Carol from Phoenix

(This customer sent a photo of different creams and balms and said this) “That is what I’ve tried in one month – that’s a 1 lb jar! I wore gloves most of the month. I couldn’t feel the ends of my fingers most of that time. Whatever you put in your bars is unbelievable!!! I was lucky one day and found a can. I asked everyone around me and no one claimed it. Now my hands don’t bleed and no gloves. I don’t look contagious anymore. I don’t have to pick which finger to push a button or key pad with. They are no longer busted open or throbbing! I can’t tell you the freedom your bars give me! I’m 60 and pretty beat up, I have stage 4 Liver disease – not from drinking or drugs. I have lesions on my liver and kidneys and I’m finishing Harvoni for Hepatitis C. I’ve used so many different recommended creams for years without relief. I can also wash my hands as much as I like and do dishes at my convenience. Thank You Very Much! ~Raymond from Seattle

I was given this as a gift and stuck it in my purse. My face broke out in dermatitis on a trip. I gave the lotion a try on my cracked, red, painful places, including eyelids- instant relief. Worked better than prescription ointment! ~Mary Ann, Thomasville NC

I received the vanilla bar as a gift and LOVE it. So soothing for my very dry hands over the winter! ~ Diane Hall, Pittsburgh

Wonderful products and customer service focused. thx!     Margaret ~ Redwood Estates

I first came across the original bee bar at a small booth during the July 4th holiday at Lake Sacajawea in Longview, WA, years ago and have been a fan ever since. ~Kathleen Longview, WA

Thank you so much for these products! The scents don't set off my migraines even at my most smell-sensitive. Better than any store-bought I've ever found. ~ Sara, Sun Valley

This lotion bar is the best. I have been looking for a lotion bar like this for years!!! Five Stars!! ~ Susan, Gig Harbor


I am ordering 4 bee butter cream hand & body lotion and hope to get the 2 free ones along with my order. Thank you & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your products! ~Leahmay

I've never had a moisturizer that worked so well on my cuticles. Good job. Travis Perez,Ponchatoula,LA

I was on a food tour in Asheville, NC on a trip and a store we went to sold the bee bar. After explaining to her that I work construction and am always dealing with cracked skin on my hands and feet. After 2 weeks my hands and feet were like New.~ Robert in Harrison, OH

Thanks much, it is always like this wonderful little gift basket when I get shipments from Honey House. ~Judi

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! I'm 55 and a truck driver. My hands and skin get so dry being exposed to all the different kinds of weather. I LOVE your products. Thank you. ~ Ronna D Schultz in California  

Found this product in a little shop. Buying more for me and family and friends. Wonderful! ~ Phyllis in Lexington, MA

Someone gave me the Bee Bar Lotion as a gift - it was one of the best and most used gifts I've ever gotten - now I'm at the end of it, and knew I had to find where to purchase more. It has not only helped my lips, but a minor skin condition I have on my hands. I just love your product.  ~ 
Alice Adams

I have been using Bee Bar on my hands for years and it works better than anything else I have tried for very dry cuticles.  ~Georgeanne in Colchester, CT


I LOVE the bar I bought in Chicago at the botanical gardens 2 yrs ago. It is absolutely the best I have ever tried...and I have tried them all. great 4 air travel!  Joan K Jackson

My mom and I ordered some of your bee bar lotion and soap after buying some at a craft fair. We loved the scent and feel of the lotion. My dad needed lotion one day and used the bee bar. He has lupus and often gets sores on his skin. He has started using your product in lieu of the steroid cream on his sores and rough skin. It is actually healing the sores, providing instant relief, and not damaging his skin further. I just wanted to say thank you for a great, natural product that has made a huge difference in my dad's life. We are grateful! ~Katrina in TN
Love your product! It is the only thing that helps my dry hands and cuticles when it here dry and chapped. It also helps helps my own nails grow!  ~Marti - Huntington Beach, CA
Your bars have saved my hands- with a new baby in the house, my hands were cracking and bleeding. I'm now sharing the love by buying gifts!  Suzanne - Woodland Hills, CA   


I first bought your products at a drugstore called Thiele's in Alliance, NE. Must have been nearly a decade ago. I have been using your Bee Bar ever since. I have been given others, but nothing has ever been as good. ~Rochelle, Colorado Springs, CO

Love your products for my husbands work worn mechanics skin ~L. Miller, Woodstock, VA

As the owner of a small business that provides private/personal gardening services; I have tried every single natural and Organic hand care product that I have found; But I must tell you that by far, your product way surpasses all the rest. Thank You! ~Day Fire Starter, Olympia, WA

Hello, I get severe psoriasis and I've tried absolutely everything. Called to see the mother and she had bought me some of the Citrus Bee Bar. That day my face was red and sore. I applied it before bed, woke the next day and the redness had calmed down and by the next it had gone. I'd just like to say a big thank you :) ~Reggie-Castleford UK

I bought 2 large tins of the Vanilla Bee Bar balm on vacation 4 years ago and I LOVE it. Every time I have it on someone tells me how much they love the scent! ~Cathy Songer

Want to restore your nails after removing a gel manicure? The Bee Bar is unbelievable. After using the acetone remover my nails were so dried out and nothing worked. One night I rubbed some of this product on my nails and in the morning they were practically back to normal. After two more nights my nails were no longer dried out. I haven't used anything from this entire product line that I don't like. ~Carol S.

My husband bought me a tin a few years back and I never used it until this past winter. Nothing had helped my dry cracking hands until then. The Bee Bar was a miracle! I used it two times a day and it really helped heal my hands and kept the skin around my nails from cracking and bleeding. I have not found the little tins in the drug store so I will be looking for them at whole foods next. If I can't find them, I will order them over the net. Nothing is as good as the Bee Bar! ~Lynda Brown

Received a sample bee bar with my order and fell in love with it. Works wonders on my heels, which get so dry they crack. It will be perfect to get me through winter, when my skin gets very dry. I love the honey fragrance. None of your products has ever disappointed; next one to try is your new shampoo. Thanks for such great skin care products! ~Halcyon

Our 4 year old twins have had moderate to severe eczema since they were born. We have tried probably every product on the market with little results...until we tried your natural bee bar! Could literally tell a difference after one use. After using on their flare-ups for less than a week, the eczema was healed! I am now using it as prevention. Thank you so much for your wonderful product! ~Michelle G

Bought a small tin in Alaska couple weeks ago and this is the best product!! Luv it. ~Linda in SC

I love your products! I have terribly dry skin and have a drawer full of products but nothing worked for me. My aunt come to visit and had a Large Bee Bar lotion and let me try it. In 7 to 10 days my hands had healed! My palms would crack open and bleed, it was so bad and I am never without it now. I order six at a time and keep them frozen until ready to use. I have 1 in my purse, on my sofa table, in the kitchen, and anywhere I spend time so it is available at all times. I like that it does not get things greasy or oily, and lasts on my hands longer than regular lotion. Thank you for curing my dry, cracked hands, heels, and skin! ~Addie

I am a nurse and wash my hands many times a day. For my entire career I have had painful splits on my fingertips. I have tried everything over the years, you name it, I tried it. Since the first time I used the Bee Bars, I have not had one split! I apply it 3x a day, not every time after washing my hands, and still no splits. I am not one to comment on products but this one is truly incredible. Many of my co-workers love the Bee Bars and Butter also, they just love it and notice that I don’t have those terrible splits on my finger tips. Thank you so much for this wonderful product! I could not be more grateful. ~Lynn in OR

My daughter first gave me a bee bar about a year ago, and I fell in love! I've since moved to Colorado, and now order online. I can't be without my bee!! It's also the only thing that has relieved my husbands eczema. It keeps my hands from drying out here in the high desert. ~Jana

My favorite product to date! You have saved my poor heels! Thank you for such a wonderful, natural product! ~Melissa in AZ

love,love love your products! ~June

I have eczema on my hands and feet. This is the only product I've found that gives me relief and turns my skin soft and supple again. I won't be without it. Love the Spring Meadow and Hawaiian. ~LaVette Columbo

This is the best hand saver in the world! I live in a dry area and work with my hands a lot... I have given my friends a small bee bar and they have raved about it . Just the best ! ~Linette St Vrain

I absolutely love the bee bars and creams. I work in the hospital as a RN and constantly wash my hands after seeing patients, to the point that my hands are cracked, and my fingertips are raw. The bee bar is the only lotion that rapidly improves my dry irritated skin by adding a protective barrier to frequent hand washing and contact dermatitis. I find that applying the lotion bar before bedtime works the best to re-hydrate and re-moisturize my dry skin. I have used this product for 4 years, and even my co-workers love to use the bar lotion and creams so much that I convinced them to buy some too! ~Irene (Los Angeles, CA)

The salesman said "This will fix cracked heels in 3 days." I said "Sold!" To my great surprise and satisfaction he was right. Now my heels look and FEEL GREAT! I have never had a product work this well and my sheets stay fresh and clean when I apply the BeeBarLotion at night. I am hooked. ~Kate Sultan

My mother had cancer she is in remission. However, she hated the way her hands looked and felt. She is very happy about what has happened to soften and bring back the color to her hands, they constantly looked ashen. ~pj

My husband coated his dry legs with natural Bee Bar lotion bar. At work diesel fuel spilled down his legs ! This bar lotion protected his legs from burns until he was able to take a shower and get the pants off. Thank you  ~Nancy Zacherl

This is my second order for the Bee Bar. I love this product. It stays on my hands longer than anything I've ever used. I work with clay which has a drying affect on the skin. Bee Bar puts the moisture back and seals against further dryness. Great product. ~Janet

About 4 years ago I got one of these Bee Bars at a local supplier. The main reason I got it was because my hands and knuckles were so dry they were to the point of cracking and bleeding. I tried the best acclaimed lotions out there but NONE of them worked until I got the Bee Bar. This is by far the best hand,foot,elbow, etc moisturizing product. I am just now 4 years later finishing up the last bit of my Bee Bar. Best Product Out There! Love It! ~Emily

My Husband works outside on a daily basis and is hands and fingers crack and split open and bleed. The Bee Bar is the only thing we've found that heals them and if used everyday keeps them soft and supple. No longer does he have to apologize for his hands being so rough on me! ~Steve & Kathy

Absolutely love the Bee Bar! Best product I have used! My hands Dry out and crack. this is the only thing that keeps them actually soft and they don't dry out. The best for sure! Hands down! ~Judson

Working outdoors in extreme winter weather has destroyed my hands....but the Bee Bar repaired them almost imediately! It's like no other product i've ever used! So glad that I found this stuff, i've been using it for the past few years! ~Joshua Collins

Love this product! It really works! ~Marsha Waddle

I have super sensitive skin and am allergic to almost every skin product out there. The Bee Bar is the only thing I can use even when my skin is melting down. It soothes immediately and heals overnight. Amazing stuff! ~Verity

Wonderful stuff used the bee ber for years wouldn't think of using anything else. This product has me for life. ~Sandra

Great stuff used it for years wouldn't think of trying anything else. Loyal to company for life. ~Sandra Lanford

I keep showing this to my friends and they love it - now I have to order some more!! ~Lyn Keeley

My husband and I both like this product; it's great. ~Maryellen

Love this stuff !  ~kammi

My feet are so dry and cracked. I have tried everything. This is the only bar that's not only last, but heals. My feet are better than they have ever been. ~Lisalee

I just bought a lotion bar from a local shop, HOLLY CRAP its amazing. It's a really great product, my hands are looking great. Do you guys offer a face cream ? Let me know cause I'll buy it right away. ~Neal from Surrey BC

My sister came from PA with this and it has a remarkable scent that lasts a long time and works well. ~Kathy

Love ~Jones

Very pleased - nice scent, lasts a long time, works well. ~Mary M.

I have eczema that showed up 11 years ago, especially bad on the palms of my hands. I tried everything including the prescription creams. We had a tin of Bee Bar and I started to use it only at night before turning out the light. The eczema was reduced immensely after about a week of religously using the Bee Bar. I now use it when the eczema flares up or if I've had my hands in water a lot and know it's going to flare up. Mostly use it as preventative maintenance now. I love it very much and have recommended it to several people with the same problem as mine. ~Missie from Virginia

I bought my first BeeBar at a gift shop, and knew I would need to find the website right away. I am a nurse and wash my hands over 25 times a shift, this is the only thing that has lasted through several washings without leaving my hands greasy or gooey. I love it when people see me applying it and ask "What's that?" This is an amazing product and does what it says it will. Thank you! ~Diane Guthrie

I've been using the solid Bee bar lotion for a couple years. It's amazing! It is the only lotion that heals painful cracks on my fingers. I also recently tried the Bee Bar Cream and the shampoo and conditioner. They're also really wonderful products! I just bought more! ~MaryAnne DellaFera


I purchased this at a booth at a local craft show. I got it for my husband. His hands and heels have cracked so badly for years. After spending hundreds of dollars on products and prescriptions that promise results and getting none, I thought what can I lose? To our surprise it has worked amazingly well. He used to fix his cracked fingers with super glue and hundreds o bandaids. Now after less than a month his only has a few areas left to mend. We are so glad we found this Bee Bar! ~Leah

Thank you Honey House Naturals for being natural, and made in the USA too! I have lived with Hashimoto Hypothyroidism since for several years, and for the last sixteen months my hands have been in need of moisture. I have tried most over the counter sensitive/dry lotions that claim to soothe, deep heal, and are long lasting. All claims that are made have proven to be false. The claims of Honey House Naturals Bee Bar lotions are true and my search is over! I am a grateful and thankful customer! Honey House Naturals are a gift to yourself, family and friends. ~Sue in Michigan

As a bee keeper people often give me "bee" items. After surgery I received one of your bee bars in a gift basket. I absolutely love this product! As a nurse I use alcohol based cleansers & my hands are always dry and my skin just splits. No more! I rub a small amount of your bee bar into my hands before my shift & it protects my hands for the whole day sealing in moisture and keeping the alcohol out. I can take it anywhere because the size is convenient & my hands are healthier because of your wonderful bee bar. I can't wait to try your other products!! ~Nancy

I'm in the Coast Guard stationed on a 110' patrol boat in Alaska. With the salt water, sub zero temps,freezing spray and ridiculous winds I cant think of a harsher environment. My skin is so dry my wife gave me a tin of Bee Bar Lotion to take and use and it has worked great. My hands don't dry out and crack like they did. I really like this stuff and my wife says it makes me smell good. 5+ stars. ~Jason

I am in love with your Bee Bar. I bought it in a little shop in Jamesport MO. I walked into the shop with a deep crack on my thumb from the cold weather. I asked for help, the lovely owner told me about your product and 2 days later my thumb was completely healed! I love it so much my hands and feet are sooo happy! Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL product! ~Angie

My fiance had been using warm parafin wax heaters for years with little/no results - I bought the bee bar at my hair salon - used it once and he has had no more cracked, dry hands AT ALL. Thank you !!! ~Meaux West

Best lotion I ever tried! ~Loretta Jamieson

I love using the lotions they look and smell great the best around. My sister started me on this for a Christmas gift and since I have been in love with this lotion, keep up the good work


I love taking the BeeBars along when I travel. No messy liquids to worry about. And they smell and work great! ~Jami K

Vanilla Bee Bar is an excellent lotion - very soothing, rich, mild scented, and luxurious. It's great for airline travel because it's not a liquid, and can be carried with me. Excellent product. ~Beth

I bought some Bee Bar Lotion to try and had no idea this product was so wonerful!!! So now I'm getting some for everyones stocking stuffers!! ~Traca Barger

I purchased a small bar while on vacation on Ocracoke Island, NC and made a decision then that I would find them on line and purchase several for Christmas gifts. It's a great product. Thanks! ~KathyB

I have super dry skin! I discovered the bee bar on vacation a couple years ago. To my amazement this stuff REALLY works! It's awesome! My skin is baby soft and the fragrance (vanilla) is delightful. I also really like the Hawaiian. My husband loves what this product has done for my skin. He has used it a few times himself. I can't wait to try the new scents, especially the sweet honey. Thank you for this wonderful product.  ~Katherine

Every winter, some of my fingers develop very rough, dry spots around cuticles and sides. I have tried numerous ointments but never found one to stop this....until Bee Bar Lotion. I actually purchased my first tin from a knitting store! This is a product I will NEVER stop using. ~Lolliegirl

I was on Mackinaw Island in Northern Michigan and saw your Lip Butter so I bought a tube. Boy is it wonderful. I am going to purchase some more and a few other things to help my dry skin. I would recommend these products to everyone. Kudos on wonderful products. ~Tina

Great stuff,my favorite is Lavender ~Elizabeth

I bought this while I was in San Francisco in July and I use it on my cuticiles and feet and it works fantastic, I love it and will be ordering more online for sure. ~karen anthony

Because of a medication I'm taking, my skin has become extremely dry. I love the Bee Bar because I can slather it on and it doesn't feel greasy. Love it, love it, love it! ~Elayne

I was looking for balms the other day when I stumbled onto this lotion. I saw all the amazing reviews and instantly bought a bar for myself. It works amazingly well! I love the scent of it, and the best thing is that it absorbs so nicely! :) ~Hannah

I bought a tin of the Bee Bar at Coldwater Creek store near my son to check it out. The very BEST buy I could have made for myself. My elbows seem to get so rough all the time, and other lotion just did not seem to work. This was just what I needed to clear up the problem. I love the tin it comes in as it keeps it moist and easy to spread . I wish it was in a bigger tin. Such a nice smell, THANK you for having such wonderful products. I will be back on line for more. ~Marsha in Sun City,Ca.

I bought a small tin on vacation. Luckily it had the website on the back so I can order more. This is the only thing that really works for me. I love it ~Brenda in Miami

I bought this product and forgot about it . I just found it and it still smells lovely and is soft. I bought it yrs. ago in Euerka Springs AR and used it for a long time then put it away forgot about it. ~kathy taff

I bought the Bee Bar in a boutique in Spring Texas and now I'm in love! I put it on my feet at night and put socks on and in the morning my feet are so soft.  ~Wendy Dawes


It's great for nails -- I smooth it into my poor dry, lined nails and they look like new!  ~Sue

I work in a bakery and have a large "rack' oven, burns are very common in my job. I used the bee bar after one of my most recent burns and it was amazing. It stopped the pain and it never blistered up.   ~Meaghan

The bee bar is the best thing i have ever used!!!!   ~Sandra Lange

Best lotion I've ever found! I'm a repeat customer 3 times over!!   ~Kay

The Bee Bar is great for dry skin.  ~Maryellen Foulke

Great for heels!  ~Luanne

I LOVE these bee bars! I use them every time I knit. My knitting projects always have the most pleasant fragrance!  ~mzmocha318
I bought this from a vendor at a flea market to try because I loved the smell. I use it on my hands during the winter as my hands get so chapped they bleed, this is the only stuff that works on them to make them feel better and heals them. I've used many expensive lotions that were guaranteed to work on chapped hands, but the Bee Bar is the only thing that has ever worked! Thanks for a super product, I'm going to have to buy more!  ~Amanda Hart

I bought this product (small Natural Bee Bar)while on vacation, only because i liked the smell, i used it on my feet, because i have really dry heals, and it worked instantly, I truly love this product. Thanks for making such a great product.  ~Joyce Di Caro

The small Bee Bar; This size is perfect for pocket or purse. My husband and I both rely on this product to get us through the winter. Without it our hands get painful dry cracked skin. This really works 1000 times better than any lotion.  ~Pamela McPeek

My hands crack and bleed and dry out, this is the only product I ever found that actually works. those other "Bee products" don't do anything. This is fantastic !  ~Rick Gurwell

My daughter in law gave me the Hawaiian Bee Bar Hand and Body Lotion Bar for helping out with the children. Much to my surprise I fell in love with the bar using it especially on dry hands and feet but on my entire body as well feeling very smooth, fragrant and soothing to my dry skin. I am a true believer in the Honey House products and will continue using the bar as a lotion which surpasses anything other product on the market. Thank you Honey House Naturals!  ~Nancy Schuley

This is the best stuff. I've been using it for a few days now and it's wonderful! I have very sensitive, dry skin and this is the perfect fix. And it smells so good! I would recommend this to anyone. It is well worth the price.  ~Abril Green

I have eczema on my hands, for over 3 years I have tried many products and dermatology treatments to no avail. My hands were to the point of being unbearable and I thought I was going to have to once again resort to taking another steroid treatment when i received a Bee Bar Vanilla - small as a Christmas gift. The overnight improvement was significant, it has now been a little over a week I have been using it daily and my hands are almost completely healed.  ~Brenda Cheatwood

I have used your product for a few years and am very impressed. Recently, I have given my grand-daughters your bars, one of vanilla and the other of lavender and their chapped hands have really improved this winter. THANKS for a great product!!   ~Charlene Haney

This product is AMAZING. I have dry skin in the winter that this product is able to make soft and young again. I think everyone should try the bee bar!!!!   ~Vanessa Au

A friend of my give me a Bee Bar Vanilla in my last birthday(last year) to be honnest I did not like the idea to use wax on my body..few weeks ago I open the metal box just to smell it...guess WHAT, since then I can't stop used this bee it love it.   ~Esbeyde Alvarado

I have dry, extremely sensitive feet. I have used hundreds of lotions and potions over the past 20 years to sooth my feet at night and always had to go back to the petroleum based Eucerin, until I tried the Bee Bar. It is hands down (or feet down!) the best natural lotion I have ever used! It is soothing and lasts like no other. There is no other product on the market like it. Thank you Bee Bar!

Heather McLean

A friend gave me a bar of vanilla and I just loved it. I had different friends to tell me how good I smell. I have a breathing problem and cannot wear a lot of perfume. This is great. I have since brought the lavender, hawaiian, and 3 bars of vanilla. I am now buying 6 vanilla bars for friends that have asked me for them. The Hawaiian and Lavender are very good smelling bars.   ~Betty Ellis

This is the best product I have ever used. I have dry patches on my knees and elbows and have tried numerous products. This is the first one that actually got rid of them. I use it each night at bedtime and the vanilla scent just lulls me to sleep. I would recommend this to anyone.  ~Katrina Kluesner

Love this bar, smells so good and keeps my hands moisturized especially during the cold weather.  ~Cheryl Cook

I just bought this bar yesterday and I am in love! I am a nurse and have dry skin from all the handwashing. Not only do my hands feel healed already, and smell wonderful from the almond and other oils, I also applied some bee bar to my tired old feet and the dry skin is smooth and healthy after only one application! I really recommend this as a product that does what it advertises, and I love the fact that it is not tested on animals. I will be buying this again and next time will try lavender.   ~Kathleen Kobreek

I received a Bee Bar as a gift several years ago and have been ordering them ever since. As someone who enjoys going barefoot, the Bee Bar keeps my feet soft all the time. I love it!   ~Sharon Veenker

This product is wonderful! The scent isn't overwhelming and the bar works wonders on dry skin. The service was very prompt. I'll be back for more!   ~Agnes Martinez

This stuff is amazing! I have terrible cracked heals and this product has made them as soft as a baby's bottom.  ~Myrna Mitchell

Since I have been using the Bee Bar for my hands, I have far less chapping, cracking and dryness. This product works wonders and actually has staying power. I am happy to have found this product. I am going to try others. ~Mary Patno

I was disappointed the local boutique stop carrying your products. I had time today and found you on the Web! Plus your store locator helped me find another store locally! Yippee!! I LOVE the Bee Bar for my feet. I am a nurse and my feet are an important tool of my trade. I have found nothing comparable to it's smoothing properties anywhere. I am a fan for life!  ~Brenda Huckeba

I have had severe cracking and dry rashy skin for years. I've seen at least 5 dermatologists and they have always given me some form of steroid cream, ointment, etc. Nothing helped alleivate the problem. Then a friend gave me a Bee Bar. I used it at night on my hands and feet with overnight gloves and socks. It worked wonders. And it's all natural, so when I go to pick up my toddlers in the morning I don't worry about chemical residues on my hands from the night. I wish all dermatologists would consider products like this before dishing out steroid treatments. I love, love, LOVE this product. My bleeding, cracked feet look and feel amazing.  ~Loralee Hamilton     
I LOVE the Bee Bar. There is nothing that works on my dry hands and limbs like this! Thank you!  ~Megan

Fantastic! For the first winter I have no split skin around my fingers! I have gotten others to use your product successfully!  ~Gerri

Love the Bee Bar. Discovered it 5 years ago and I buy them by the dozen. I give them as hostess gifts, with new baby presents (something for Momma too!) and use mine all the time. I get so many positive comments about how well it worked for trouble dry spots on women AND Men. thanks for making this wonderful item! Oh and the Vanilla is delicious!!  ~LBF

I love the bee bar! I have eczema on my hand, and it is the only product that has any affect on it. Yay! Thank you.  ~Rosalee

Found Bee Bar where my wife worked for years... Coldwater Creek. It got rid of the inheritance from my Dad's DNA.. the eczema is gone with regular use. It also does wonders for 'sun spots from too much skiing!!  ~Bob

I bought some of the Bee Bar lotion at the airport in Denver,Co. and loved it and it helped my Psoriasis.  ~Mary Ellen roach

A good friend gave me the Bee Bar lotion in Lavender. It has been the only thing that relieves my dry itchy skin on my legs and arms. Love it. Am ordering more in quantities so I will always have it handy.  ~Elaine

Amazing product. I'm constantly washing my hands at work and this is the only thing I've found that leave my hands smooth still at the end of the day! Worth the money.  ~Jessica

My husband works in a water treatment facility and used to have split skin and the roughest hands on earth from exposure to chemicals and washing his hands frequently during the day. He's been using the Bee Bar lotion for several years now and swears by it because his hands are smoother with no more split cuticles (as long as he remembers to use it). I have my hands in water constantly during the day and find the Bee Bar lotion much more soothing and protective than other products. We've been return customers for years.  ~Carmen V. Clark

Love it! I received the Bee Bar as a Christmas gift and I have used it nearly everyday since! My hands,feet and elbows have never been so smooth!!!  ~Theadora

Amazing product, healed my painfully cracked cuticles better than any antibiotic cream I tried.  ~Maureen C.

I was convinced to buy it because I was told it would heal places on my hands that got so dry and cracked every winter. I Loved it! I could continue using my hands without anything getting stuck to it like a greasier product would have done and it healed my skin! I was then complaining about my winter itch on my legs and was told to rub it on every night after my shower. What a difference! No more itching and scratching until my skin was red and raw! The bonus is that I did not have to use anymore lotion waking up the next day. My legs looked healthy without any ashiness (a southern term used to describe white flaky skin).  ~TCooper

I live in the very snowy NorthEast. I have been using this Bee Bar for my feet and it is miraculous! I am now rid of the rough, dry , cracking...I love it!  ~PK

Hard to find on the website (it's under "Lotion") but this beeswax tablet is the ONLY thing that helps my eczema, and I've been looking for something like this for over 50 years!  ~C L Aristei

The vanilla smells so good, we say we have "cupcake hands" after it soaks in. This stuff is great! 3rd yr giving them as gifts.  ~Michelle Garrett

All I can say is that it is the best. Keep one beside my bed and another in my purse. Great product!  ~Patsy Neill

I tried the Bee Bar lotion which works better than any other lotions in the market.  ~Jeff Ali

I just wanted to let you know that I'm a new customer and ordered some Honey Blossom Soap, Bee Bar lotion and the new Royal Jelly Bee Bar Cream and I love all of it. It started when I happened upon your Lip Butter in a little honey shop in Smithville, NJ. I love everything so far and will be ordering more. The soap is so creamy and wonderfully scented and the lotion and cream make my extremely dry skin feel wonderful. I also use the Bee Bar on my Oily face and I don't know how but my face does not get oilyer, it feels wonderful and soft.  ~Dawn Selig

Stumbled upon Bee Bar at a gift shop on Dauphin Island, Al. Bee Bars have been my winter skin saviour for the last 5 yrs!!!  ~Janice Pitchford

I bought this on a whim and love it! My hands feels so nice and soft when I use it. :)  ~Cerisse

I love the Bee Bar I received as a gift but I have been unable to find it in my city.  ~D. McWilliams

I've been gently pushing the Bee Bar into the cuticles of my finger nails and over the period of a month or so, all the ridges and waves have disappeared.  `J. Gracey

These are incredible!!! They fly off the shelves in my store. Men, women and children alike can benefit from these wonderful creations!  ~Stacia Hemmett (Things to Bragg About)

The Bee Bar is a great product, my daughter gave it to me as a gift, and is working great on my hands and cuticles, I will keep using it. I highly recomend the product.  ~Yolanda

i was given a tin of the Bee Bar lotion for a gift and it has lasted forever! i rub it on my cuticles at night and my hands and it works wonders. i love it!!!   ~jodee haft

Love it!!! Used it on my feet (which the Husband says thanks!) and on my really dry elbows. Proud to say they are both nice and soft now.  ~Sharon Schelinkofer

Wow! I just bought the Bee Bar at a gift shop last week and am already addicted! I love it and plan to buy all of the scents now!  ~Annie

It is wonderfully decadent. As a runner, it's a great way to treat my feet.  ~Gayle Hapner

Makes my skin feel like velvet. Can't get enough!  ~Christine, NY

This bee bar absolutely cured my cracked, dry heels in about 1 week. I use it daily now without fail.  ~Stenetta

Awesome product.  ~Kellie

Only thing that got rid of the huge cracks in my heels. Now they're baby soft!  ~Meredith

I had a case of eczema and found that the bee bar kept it moist and it is going away. Thank you for your product love it.  ~Kathy

I love your products they are execellent!  ~Yolanda

This product is truly amazing! I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the deep cracks in my heals and this is the only thing that has worked. I am so thrilled that I found it.   ~Kristin

10 years and I love Bee Bar. It s a 5 star with me.  ~Harold K

I bought the Bee Bar when I visited a fashion show and I must say I love the product. The smell is wonderful and yes it does work miracles on dry hands as I am a teacher and need to wash my hands so often. The Bee Bar has helped so much I recommend it to everyone I know.   ~Carmen Lopez

I bought this yesterday for my son - because he has eczema on his arms legs and neck and i am putting this on like every maybe four hours i tried all kind of products but this is the only one where i could see relief right away. so if this keeps on working like this then this will be the only product from now on.   ~Barbara Billings