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Sanitize & Moisturize at the same time! CLICK
Sanitize & Moisturize at the same time! CLICK
Item #:Prevent illnesses!

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  • 1 Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap
  • 2 Squirt hand-sanitizer on the Bee Bar Lotion & start rubbing it in.

Now your Bee Bar Lotion is germ free, your hands are germ free,

and your hands are MOISTURIZED at the same time!

We are working hard to stay healthy and germ free here at the

Honey House, and hope you are being vigilant as well.  We

noticed how quickly our hands dried out when we followed the

advice of the CDC to wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds

and to use hand sanitizer several times a day.  The fix is

simple. Squirt the sanitizer gel onto your Bee Bar Lotion, rub it into

the Bee Bar and into your hands at the same time, and voila!  Your

hands are soft and germ free.  And as you know, the beeswax in

our Bee Bar Lotions protect your hands and seals in the moisture

for a long, long time.