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Fragrance Free Products
Item #:No added Fragrance!

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Even though we use only natural oils derived from plants such as Lavender, Citrus, Vanilla etc. to give fragrance to our products, many of our customers have requested to know which of our products are free of added fragrance oils.  The following products have only the fragrance and flavor from the Natural ingredients. 

Fragrance Free Products are:

LARGE Bee Bar– Natural

SMALL Bee Bar-Natural

Bee Butter Cream TUB—Natural

Bee Butter Cream TUBE-Natural

Lip Butter Tube-Natural

Organic Lip Butter Tube-Natural

Lip Butter Tin—Natural

Bee Manly Beard Balm - Natural

Bee Manly Elixir - Naked

Bee Manly Foot Bar - Naked

Royal Bee Foot Bar - Natural

As always, all natural products.  Enjoy!

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