Bee Butter Cream

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Honey House Fresh Bee Butter-Tub (8 oz)
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Bee Butter Cream offered in our famous oh, so rich formula, in FIVE luscious fragrances and also Natural with no added fragrance. Bee kind to your skin all over with this lotion of indulgent creamy Bee Butter. A little goes a long way! Precious Honey, Beeswax and Royal Jelly, the "nectar of youth" for the Queen Bee, naturally retains moisture in thirsty skin cells. As you massage it into your own royal skin, you will sense the restorative, soothing influence of all things natural. Indulge. Enjoy. Indulge again! The 8 oz. tub is offered in SIX (6) choices of Honey, Citrus, Vanilla, Hawaiian, Lavender, and Natural.

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