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Bee Manly Set-Beard Balm, Hand & Foot Bar
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This set includes the ORGANIC Bee Manly Beard Beard Balm, along with the Bee Manly Hand and Foot Bars!

Three fragrance sets to choose from:

  • Smoky Cedar Beard Balm and Hand Bar and Vigorous Foot Bar
  • Brisk Citrus Beard Balm, Tea-Tree/Spice Hand Bar, and Vigorous Foot Bar
  • Naked Beard Balm, Hand Bar & Foot Bar 

If you'd like to switch fragrances let us know in the "notes" section at checkout  

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Found this product being sold in a campground gift shop. Right away I loved the texture and smell. I spread it through my out of control beard and combed it it. Within no time at all it tamed,styled,softened it. Best I have ever used. ~Ricky Toledo OH