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Bee Manly 4/pc Gift Set-ORGANIC | Best Beard Balm | Honey House Naturals
Bee Manly Gift Set 4-Piece
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This 4-piece Bee Manly Gift Set is perfectly suited!  Presented and ready for gift giving in a drawstring bag are a Bee Manly Hands solid Lotion Bar, Bee Manly Beard Elixir (Organic), Beard Balm (Organic), with the added benefit of the Bee Manly Foot Bar!

  • SMOKY CEDAR SET INCLUDES: Smoky Cedar Beard Balm, Smoky Cedar Beard Elixir, Smoky Cedar Lotion Bar, and Vigorous Foot Bar
  • BRISK CITRUS SET INCLUDES:  Brisk Citrus Beard Balm, Brisk Citrus Beard Elixir, Tea Tree Spice Lotion Bar, and Vigorous Foot Bar
  • NAKED SET INCLUDES:  Naked Beard Balm, Naked Beard Elixir, Naked Lotion Bar, and Naked Foot Bar

To change the fragrances of the products in this gift set leave a Note at checkout with your preference. 

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This is the best stuff ever. I have given a lot of bee bars as gifts! Lana from Battle Ground, WA

Thank you for your excellent products! I have tried so many other products for my dry and cracked hands and feet and nothing brings relief like good ol' Bee Bar!!! ~Andrea from Thousand Oaks, CA

I've been using Bee Bars for several years now and absolutely LOVE them! I reorder regularly to ensure I never run out. Nothing prevents dry, cracked skin in the winter better! ~Lisa from Missoula, MT

Can't wait to try some new products, I love your Hawaiian bee bar lotion bar! ~Marsha from Burnsville

We've been using your products for years and LOVE them; simply the best for the winter months! I'm looking forward to gifting to friend. Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays. ~Janice from Endicott

Found this product being sold in a campground gift shop. Right away I loved the texture and smell. I spread it through my out of control beard and combed it it. Within no time at all it tamed,styled,softened it. Best I have ever used. ~Ricky Toledo OH