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October Harvest!
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Hummingbird Bee Bar!


October Harvest! - Time to bring in the Harvest and prepare for the Holidays! Make your gift giving a delight with our October offerings to you!~~Capiz Shell Gift boxes contain a small Bee Bar and Lip Butter. Valued at $22.40, on sale for $19.95. YOU Save $2.45!~~Our adorable zippered Bee Bags are on Sale too from $9.95 to $8.95, save $1.00! Think of the goodies you can tuck inside!~~What will fit perfectly in those darling Bee Bags? Why, the Small Bee Bar Cream lotions of course! Still offered for you to Buy 2 get 3 FREE!~~Free shipping for orders $39+ in contiguous USA. Bring in the Harvest of Savings!
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ALL Lotions - Marvelous and healing, our lotions come in a variety of sizes and fragrances to meet every need. These lotions are loaded with shea butter, nature’s powerful moisturizer, as well as other exotic butters. Our fabulous Bee Butter Cream with Shea, Aloe and Royal Jelly is so thick and concentrated, that just a little smidgen is enough to last you all day! Bee Butter Cream is offered in the ruby tub and also a handy tube. The remarkable Belly Bar®, containing five butters, has been specially formulated to relieve even the itchiest skin.
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Lip Butter - Rich in anti-oxidants, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and other exotic oils, our Lip Butter® will drench dry, cracked lips in soothing moisture. Soothe, Moisturize and Protect.
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Soap - Honey and Royal Jelly combined with buttery shea to create a creamy lather that truly moisturizes as it cleans. Our bar soaps are triple milled, artfully carved and attractively packaged. They can be purchased in 3 wonderful fragrances, of Honey, Citrus, and Lavender. They also can be purchsed prettily wrapped in single 3.5 oz bars, again in all three fragrances. Our liquid soap is offered in two rich and elegant fragrances of Honey Butter and Almond Butter. These marvelous soaps indulge the senses with a sweet memorable experience and are truly appreciated gifts!
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Hair Care - Fragrant, fresh and filled with natural products, Honey House Natural's Bee Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner are rich in B vitamins that nourish and strengthen hair. Sweet honey and bee pollen also act as “food” for hair by contributing an abundance of nutrients that hair follicles crave. When hair is fed properly, it will naturally grow strong and healthy. Macadamia Seed Oil helps to create ultra smooth, frizz-free hair. Hydrolyzed Wheat, Soy and Corn proteins repair and condition hair. They keep the cuticle smooth which adds shine, strength and manageability to hair. Shine without greasiness - Body without heaviness. Your hair will love you. You will love your hair!
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ORGANIC PRODUCTS! - Introducing Honey House Natural’s Organic line of Products! Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth and formulated with care, our Lip Butters and extra special Hydrosol Skin Mists will soon become your organic favorites!


Room Mist - Our natural room mist is powerfully effective in removing unpleasant odors from the air. The lovely fragrances linger long enough to remove the odor and then they are gone, leaving your surroundings as fresh as before!
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Gifts - Looking for something special for someone? We have beautiful organza bags filled with a variety of pampering products you can choose from for just the perfect gift! For an added flash of interest, we offer our sparkly Bee-jeweled Bee Brooch to make your gift extra special! Our new Capiz Oyster shell keepsake box is just lovely as a unique and unusual gift! Take a closer look to find just the right gifts suited to your needs!
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Hummingbird Bee Bar! - The detail of our Hummingbird Bee Bar is amazing! You can purchase this beautiful Bee Bar for the soothing healing qualities of it, as well as the unique Hummingbird design! We know you will want to purchase this as a special gift and treat yourself by purchasing one for yourself also! Offered in the large 2.0 oz size. Simply enchanting!
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Accessories - Our custom made acrylic plates are made to cradle our lotions for you to conveniently pick up and apply . Also create personalized gifts by combining many of our products, and wrapping them all together in a gold or silver drawstring organza bag! You may also wish to add a stunning Bee Brooch for yourself or to enhance any of our beautiful Honey House Naturals® products as gifts! (Handcrafted Bee Pin is temporarily unavailable)
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New! - Our awesome Bee Butter Cream is now in a new tube and in THREE (3) different, lovely fragrances instead of one. Yep! Your signature Vanilla as well as Citrus and Honey!~~Our new lovely Capiz Oyster shell Keepsake box is sold individually at an introductory price of $9.95, or filled with a small Bee Bar and Lip Butter Tube tucked inside. This makes a unique and unusual gift sold for $19.95. ~~ Our Large Bee Bar is offered in new sweet sentiment tins in all fragrances. These are the sentiments to choose from: "Bee Happy," "Bee Well," and "Bee Sassy...Life is Short!" Also brand new is a Bee Butter tub and Soap Gift Set! These gifts are promised to please and bring smiles of approval!
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