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Bee Bar

Simply the best solid lotion bar you will ever use. Filled with creamy shea butter, golden jojoba, and packed with natural anti-oxidants, the Bee Bar is a customer favorite for its remarkable healing properties. A serious treat for dry, damaged skin. Presented in a lovely, reusable tin in two sizes, it is handy for home and on the go. A great gift for anyone’s hard-working hands!

•A Completely waterless lotion - which makes it extremely concentrated, lasting up to six months
•It does not dry out or lose its fragrance – you can keep it available on a dish by your bed, desk, etc.
•It does not come off on paper or fabric – put it on your heels at night, it won’t goop up your sheets
•Just warm it between your hands or directly on your elbows, hands or feet. The oils and butters are then released and can be gently massaged into the skin.  Offered in two sizes: Large 2.0 oz bar for $11.95, and Small .6 oz bar for $7.50

~Gold Tin-Vanilla-warm and comforting
~Copper Tin-Hawaiian - like a tropical beach
~Lavender Tin-Lavender - tranquil and relaxing
~Silver Tin-Natural-Fragrance of beeswax & sweet almond oil
~Pink Tin-Sweet Honey - A caress of sweet pleasure
~Aqua Tin-Spring Meadow - Fresh and Sunny
~Green Tin-Citrus - Delightfully Refreshing



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Product Reviews

My mom and I ordered some of your bee bar lotion and soap after buying some at a craft fair. We loved the scent and feel of the lotion. My dad needed lotion one day and used the bee bar. He has lupus and often gets sores on his skin. He has started using your product in lieu of the steroid cream on his sores and rough skin. It is actually healing the sores, providing instant relief, and not damaging his skin further. I just wanted to say thank you for a great, natural product that has made a huge difference in my dad's life. We are grateful!

Katrina in TN

Hello, I get severe psoriasis and I've tried absolutely everything. Called to see the mother and she had bought me some of the Citrus Bee Bar. That day my face was red and sore. I applied it before bed, woke the next day and the redness had calmed down and by the next it had gone. I'd just like to say a big thank you :)

Reggie-Castleford UK

I bought 2 large tins of the Vanilla Bee Bar balm on vacation 4 years ago and I LOVE it. Every time I have it on someone tells me how much they love the scent!

Cathy Songer

Want to restore your nails after removing a gel manicure? The Bee Bar is unbelievable. After using the acetone remover my nails were so dried out and nothing worked. One night I rubbed some of this product on my nails and in the morning they were practically back to normal. After two more nights my nails were no longer dried out. I haven't used anything from this entire product line that I don't like.

Carol S.

My husband bought me a tin a few years back and I never used it until this past winter. Nothing had helped my dry cracking hands until then. The Bee Bar was a miracle! I used it two times a day and it really helped heal my hands and kept the skin around my nails from cracking and bleeding. I have not found the little tins in the drug store so I will be looking for them at whole foods next. If I can't find them, I will order them over the net. Nothing is as good as the Bee Bar!

Lynda Brown

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